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The Top Tips to Buy Afternoon Cream Tea Set Online UK

by Dhee Singh on May 10, 2021

Are you somebody who loves organizing afternoon tea with your friends?

Well, then you need the proper cream tea set to sip your drinks and discuss the world. Owing to the best tea sets along with every other exquisite tableware is every women’s dream. It’s like women love to show off their cutlery to their guests, a chance that they don’t want to miss. It is why women spend a considerable amount of time collecting a range of delicate tableware products. 

This article details why it is always better to own afternoon tea sets than simply buying cups. 

A peek into tea sets:

Tea is a well-loved beverage globally. Its natural flavors are embraced universally. Be it anti-oxidant powdered green tea or energy-giving oolong tea, or the forever herbal masala tea- tea is a forever love. You require traditional teacups and tea sets designed to the best looks and highest quality grade when serving tea. 

What are tea sets:

Before we delve deeper into tea sets vs. teacups, you must know what tea sets mean. 

Tea sets consist of chinaware, teapot, stirrers, saucers, a milk jug, and a creamer jug, and a sugar pitcher. All tea sets come in a matching set of 5 or 6 cups and are meant to serve a small group, but you can buy ones that support 12 members as well. 

Tea sets vs. teacups:

The significant difference between a tea set and a teacup is that cups are not accompanied by any sets or are not a part of any design. These are sold individually, serving either tea or coffee sans the saucers, stirrers, pot, or any of the items that accompany a tea set. But tea sets are highly beverage-specific and are only used to serve tea. 

Different types of tea sets:

The following are various types of tea sets available in the market:

  • Porcelain tea sets are the most popular type
  • Lacquer tea sets are painted tea sets, and the most artistic ones 
  • Glass tea sets for the ones who love a transparent see-through cup experience 
  • Metallic tea sets are the most reliable ones due to their unbreakable nature 
  • Enamel tea sets are the most durable ones 
  • Wood and bamboo tea sets are the cheapest and highly authentic

How to choose the perfect tea set:

Choosing a perfect tea set is not an easy process. Few things to consider are:

  • The type of tea you drink 
  • The kind of tea you like 
  • The aesthetic value of a tea set 
  • The material of the tea set 

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