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The Know-It-All Guide To Cake Serving Plates and Stands

by Red London Accessories Ltd on July 13, 2021

Undoubtedly, cakes are one of those foods that can instantly make you happy. These sweet delicacies aren’t just famous because they are soft, creamy, succulent, and undeniable tasty, but because they are memoirs of celebration and happiness. Be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any regular happy day, cakes are a must indulgence.

It is why you must never be satisfied with only cakes; the real deal is how you present or serves them to your guests. In the era of social media, Pinterest, and glamorous decorations, you need to have the correct type of cake plates and stands to seal the deal with your customers. 

Cake plates set and stands give your cake the elegant presentation it deserves. Many of the types and designs of cakes work effectively to flaunt the shape of your care, its ingredients, the style, texture, and a whirl of how it would taste before you even taste it. 

These are the unsung heroes that elevate the look and flavor of your cake. And this is precisely why you must buy the right kind of cake plates and stands. 

What size cake plates and stands do I need?

You want to choose cake plates that are neutral in color, lightweight yet strong and are small to medium in size. Also, you can select one with some designs and embellishments like a flower set, or you can indulge your guests in a wooden cake plate set as well.

As for a cake stand, choose one with minimal decoration. Moreover, a cake stand should be the same size as the bottom tier of your cake to create a seamless transition from a cake stand to the cake. Remember that your cake stands, cake, and cake plates should match each other in color and designs. 

How do I pick a color for my cake plates and stand?

Choosing a cake serving plate and stand color is an opportunity to accentuate the features of your cake and make it look more than a simple cake design. Depending on the occasion, you need to choose a cake plate and stand. You can go for bold choices like pink or mint color that’ll make your entire presentation stand out. Or you can pick a subtle that adds dramatics to it. 

How much should I spend on cake plates and stands?

Probably the most sought-after question, you can either rent both things or browse through various websites and compile their cake plate price. This way you’ll know how much cake stands cost and if you should rent or buy them.  

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