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Important Things To Consider When Going Vintage Teapot Shopping

by Red London Accessories Ltd on November 18, 2021

Like tea leaves, every vintage teapot tells a unique story. People who love collecting vintage teapots and teacups know the importance of their tea treasure. However, similar to buying a standard tea set, you need to consider several things when investing in a vintage teapot. By brainstorming about your needs before you go ahead and look for a teapot, you can make the purchasing process timely and efficient. Once you have settled upon the style of teapot you want to buy, there are several places you can check out vintage teapot for sale, ranging from kitchen supply stores to wholesalers and specialty retailers. 

We’ve compiled a list of things you must consider when buying a vintage tea set. 

Chips and/or cracks:

The mere meaning of a vintage teapot is that it belongs to an earlier generation, making it relatively old. It is why you need to look for vintage teapots in excellent condition, meaning they have no cracks or chips. Usually, when you look at vintage teapots, you will find them in a slightly wearied-out state; however, minor design flaws are perfectly fine. It is the big one you need to worry about. To check for small cracks and chips, run your finger along the rim of the cup, saucer, and handle and do the same both inside and outside the teapot. 

Matching saucer:

People usually like teapots, teacups, and saucers that match since they are more valuable that way. However, sometimes during your hunt, you might find orphaned teapots, teacups, and saucers. In such cases, these are inexpensive, and you’ll have to match them with other lone sets that almost match your teapot or teacup, or saucer. Always check for the stamp on the bottom of the teacup and make sure the tea set has the same stamp. 


In case you’re too much in love with vintage china tea sets, it is wise to check for the manufacturer since they can help you with more valuable and eye-catching stuff. Moreover, it is always advised to research a little about the manufacturer to judge their authenticity. You never know when you’re told a piece is vintage only to find out later that it isn’t. 

No repairs:

You will, during your search, come across tea sets that you absolutely adore only to be disappointed later to find out that they have been repaired. The entire concept of a vintage set is that it shouldn’t be repaired since that decreases its uniqueness. Also, if it has been glued before, there is a decent chance it will break again. 

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