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How to pick a suitable cake stand (For the love of cake!) in UK?

by Red London Accessories Ltd on November 18, 2021

So, you’ve recently become a pâtissier, and now you’re in the mood to baking all sorts of cakes and sweet delicacies. You have the décor in mind and have an up and running website. You’re obviously excited to get to your baking business, but only baked goods are not what’ll get you customers or visits on your website. To make your cakes drool-worthy and attention-gripping, you need to decorate them in a manner that adds to the charm of your baked cakes. The right equipment, also called cake stands in the UK, is what you need to engage your customers in a mouth-watering delight. 

However, with so many cake plates and stands available in the market, how do you find the right one? Well, worry not because we are just about to tell you how. This short guide will help you pick the right cake stands most suited to your cake’s purpose and personality. 

The three-tier cake stands: 

These cakes are pretty popular at weddings and anniversaries. When baking a three-floor cake, you need to find the best 3-tiered wedding cake stand to support its multiple layers. Go for retro and elegant designs to support your heavy cakes. You can also pick wooden stands or those made from stainless steel if you want to avoid the risk of spillage. 

The Fleur d’ or wooden cake stand:

Do you like floral cake stands? If you do, then a Fleur d’/wooden cake stand is something you will love. Similar to a three-tier cake stand, it is handcrafted from wood. Mostly, it comes in minimalistic designs and gives your sweet dish a light lift. Due to its simple yet elegant nature, this cake stand is ideal for all kinds of parties and weddings. Moreover, since it is made from wood, this cake stand doesn’t break easily and is long-lasting as well. 

Aurora cake stands:

If you have a knack for minimalist cake stand 3-tier, you must go for an aurora cake stand. It features a marble slab supported by hinges and is ideal for single or double-layered cakes. So, if the cake looks heavy, then you might want to go for an aurora cake stand. It keeps your cake standing straight. 

Rotatable cake stands:

If you’re into the cake-making business, rotatable cake stands are what you need to keep your cakes secure and sturdy. This cake stand flaunts a wooden finish and is attached to a supportive hinge which is rotatable. 

Although several cake stands are available in the market, at London Boutique, we help you with a contemporary collection of varied styles and budgets that suits your cake. Explore our collection to know more.